soluzioni seconda prova inglese al linguistico

soluzione seconda prova di inglese (linguistico)


    1. 1. Hawk Roosting refers to a hawk when it is perched on a tree and resting.

    2. 2. "I" refers to the hawk which is speaking to itself, considering its role in life almost like a person might.

    3. 3. The hawk is resting and reflecting,while perched on a tree branch high on top, it is motionless and in its sleep it dreams and rehearses its fixed ideas of hunting and killing.

    4. 4. The hawk takes advantage of its ability to fly high and float in the air with the sun rays blinding its preys.

    5. 5. God created the hawk as a perfect predator, it was conceived in every single feature, in its feathers as in its claws that are the weapons it uses in killing. Therefore all its power lies in its claws and the bird, being a God given creature, owns the whole nature.

    6. 6. The hawk underlines the fact that its body, as a matter of fact, is all natural and there is nothing altered or "man-made" in it, the noun "sophistry" also conveys the idea of something genuine and not affected.

    7. 7. In lines 20-24 the hawk stresses its power above the world, a power that does not require any recognition of its assertion of authority. It also reflects on its unchanged condition through time, the hawk has always been that way and it will always be.

    8. 8. The hawk has kept its state unchanged, it has not allowed its preys to find a way out, it will keep its world around as it is. The natural world does not change according to modernity, the laws regulating Nature have been the same since Creation.

    9. 9. There are plenty images conveying the powerful position of the bird and its cruelty, for example:

Powerful position:

    1. – line 1 : "I sit in the top of the wood"

    2. – line 12 : "Now I hold Creation in my foot"

    3. – line 14: "I kill where I please because it is all mine"

    4. – line 20: "No arguments assert my right"

    5. – line 21: "The sun is behind me"

    6. – line 24: "I am going to keep things like this"

Cruelty and violence:

    1. – line 4: "Or in sleep rehearse perfect kills and eat"

    2. – line 16: "My manners are tearing off heads"

    3. – line 17: "The allotment of Death"

    4. – line 19 : "Through the bones of the living"


The poem deals with a hawk describing its nature. The bird is a predator and it has to kill preys to find food, therefore its body and actions are suiting such a purpose. Being a bird it flies high and overlooks the world below. The poem may symbolize the cruel powerful position and attitude of dictators, represented in the personification of the hawk itself who shares human characteristics, who rule in the human world without respecting human rights.

A cura della professoressa Claudia Groffi

Liceo Linguistico Grazia Deledda di Genova



  1. 1. People would be shocked to know that their garden furniture has helped to increase the poverty in Central Africa, therefore threatening and contributing to the long -term survival of communities around the globe.

  2. 2. The Ngola Baka are typical examples of Pygmy hunter-gatherer communities in Cameroon. They are considered to be hunter-gatherer communities because they live on plants and animals found in the forest. They also produce medicine from barks, roots and leaves, in the neighbouring wild.

  3. 3. It is unjust that logging and mining companies legally exploit millions of hectares in the Congo Basin forests, and start up industrial logging concessions. Trees are cut down and exported to Europe for tastes of luxury, while Ngola Baka becomes a poorer, hungrier place.

  4. 4. The new forest-use maps to illustrate the huge overlap between Baka traditional plans and the legal boundaries of neighbouring logging concessions.

  5. 5. By Cameroon law, commercial loggers should consult with local communities, both for documentation and negotiation purposes, thus avoiding any conflicts in community areas. Unfortunately there is little evidence of this occurring in Central Africa.

  6. 6. According to the writer, GPS mapping technologies help defending forests because communities like the Baka, are putting themselves on the map, in this way, giving evidence of the traditional forest use. This helps them to have a stronger hold both in negotiations and support from conservation agencies.

  7. 7. This quotation taken from lines 49 – 50 means that " battery poultry farming" in the UK is considered to be cruel, whereas Europeans are not aware of far more serious problems like the logging injustices in Africa, where forest communities are struggling to survive both in health services and very basic educational ones.


    This text taken from the BBC News Online, 11th February 2008 challenges Europeans and consumers all over the world to help stop forest destruction in Central Africa. Hunter-gatherer communities like the Baka are struggling to survive as large areas are exploited by European logging and mining companies. Some local communities like CED or the UK – FPP are supporting these people but much more can be done, both through information and awareness into the problem and help from the European Timber dealers.

    A cura della Prof Pamela Erasmus

    Liceo Grazia Deledda Genova


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